A pint too many????

It appears that the Bar Stool Brigade aka Real IRA have been drinking a few too many pints recently.

Fresh from the embarrassment of failing to kill two cops when it would have been harder to miss and still on a high after the absurdity of announcing their strategic aim of having the Brits once more lay siege to the streets of the 6 co's, they have now declared Deputy First Minister, life long republican and former IRA Oglach, Martin Mc Guinness a legitimate target!

Mc Guinness revealed that he was informed of a 'heightened threat' against his life from these, as he put it, 'no hopers'.

Have these deluded megalomaniacs and half wit idiots lost all leave of their senses?

No doubt this agenda is being pushed by their securocrat masters. After all, wouldn't the securocrats relish the prospect of the Army taking on this micro-group? They would have a wet dream at the prospect of a fully blown republican feud. Inevitably the Army would dispatch of these cretins with relative ease, but even that would not be in the best interests of the people of this island, as enjoyable as this may be.

The micro-groups must have been even more intoxicated when they stated this, than when they said they wanted the Brits back on the streets! I mean, being devoid of any popular support, surely they should be trying to endear themselves to the grass root republican support base. Threatening Martin Mc Guinness is most definitely not the way to do this! Their calls for a return of the Brits would even obtain more support than this ludicrous act!

These cretins and ego wounded boy soldiers have absolutely nothing to offer the republican cause. Getting a few hoods to riot in Newry and burning down the odd JJB store is hardly a blue print for achieving the reunification of this island. They have, as of yet, failed to offer a viable alternative to the present SF strategy. My God, they even said they wanted Brits back on the streets. How can one take anything this group purports to do seriously? Their candidates were laughed out of count centers across the 6 co's last March! The community they claim to represent want nothing to do with them!

It would be best if these idiots and dissidents disbanded and went back to their bar stools. They would save a lot of carnage and the ruination of many young live via incarceration and death. The only people they are fooling is themselves, and surely even they will get bored of self satisfying games after a while!!!!!

As someone commented to me recently "these people are not even at the bottom of barrel, these gangsters fell through the bottom a long fucking time ago!!!"

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