Ian Óg walks the plank

I see that Ian Óg has just resigned as a Junior Minister in the Northern Executive. He has said that he will stay on until a replacement has been found and that he is staying on as an MLA.

At the end of the day this has been a long time coming, his dealings with Seymour Sweeney and all the other questionable activity made this day only a matter of time.

I am very pleased that this odious little piglet has been removed from the executive because let's be clear on this....he isn't standing aside, he has been pushed to all intensive purposes.

After last weeks routing by the Prodiban in Dromore there was always going to have to be some response.

I suppose getting Ian Óg to walk the plank seemed like a good idea to most in the DUP.

I wonder how long will the Punt wait before he makes his father walk the plank as well?

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