Croppies won't lie down

I see that the Orange Order are returning to their tactics of the old Stormont days when they had Nationalists on their knees and crushed under the jackboot of Unionist misrule.

I am of course refering to the public demonstration held by the Orange Order in Banbridge this week. The Order are incensed at the removal of flags and emblems of the UDR and RUC from Council owned buildings.

They are bizzarely claiming that the removal is tantamount to "an attack on Unionist culture". This confuses me!

When was collusion with loyalist death squads and the murder of hundreds of Nationalists an aspect of Unionist culture or tradition? Were the Dublin/ Monaghan bombings, the Miami Showband massacre, the murder of Loughlin Mc Ginn or the Donnellys Bar bombing a part of Unionist culture?

Loyalist death squads waged a sectarian murderous campaign against Nationalists and Republicans, aided and abeted all the while by elements within both the RUC and UDR. This is a move of decency and respect to those murdered by these two Unionist militias, rather than an attack on Unionist culture. If the flags of the Army or INLA or micro-groups were on council property there would be up roar! Why should the emblems of other sectarain murder groups therefore be allowed to remain? This is a smoke screen for an agenda of a very different kind!

The scenes of Orange men besieging the streets of Banbridge were reminiscient of the days when Paisley would march them around the hills of North Antrim waving fire arm certificates in the ais. This has nothing to do with defence of culture, but rather is an attempt to marginalise the Nationalist community. However they have forget that this time the Croppies won't lie down!

SF councillor Dessie Ward made the valid point that the flags should be removed to create a degree of neutrelity, after all Nationalists pay rates too. The sooner these emblems are removed from other parts of the six counties the better. The Orange Order must realise that the six counties has moved on and they no longer call the shots!

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