Better late than never!

I see that the Australian Government has announced that it is to make a formal apology to the Aboriginal people. The apology will be issued on 13th February when parliament reconvenes and follows on from a commitment by PM Kevin Rudd to do so.

The apology is primarily aimed at 'the stolen generation'. These are children that were taken away from their families by the govt. The govt viewed Aboriginal people as incapable of raising children. The heartache such a policy must have caused those affected is unimaginable.

Indeed up until 1967 Aboriginal people were not counted in the census and were subjected to laws of plants and animals, rather than as humans. This is wholly inexpiable, and a mere apology is hardly going to erase all the wrongs of the past system. It is, however, a start.

Their plight is not entirely dissimilar to that of the Irish. Indeed the Brits should consider making a similar apology to the people of Ireland. They tortured, maimed, murdered and imprisoned Irish people for 800 years and pillaged their nation.

Indeed they destroyed the lives of consecutive generations of Irish people through war and death, famine and oppression. Indeed on this the 40th anniversary of the NICRA surely the Brits should apologise for the discrimination they nourished when they created the bastard 6 county state.

In light of the recent debate on the war in the 6 counties and on the appointment of the Victims Commissioners surely such an apology would aid attempts to move forward and secure peace and reconciliation?

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