Would anyone be surprised?

It appears that everyone is perplexed at the fact that the trial of four Coca-Colas collapsed to-day, with the reason rumoured to be that there was a tout involved at some point in the trial.

I mean, my God what is so surprising about this?

The fuckers are riddled with touts!!!

They are under the de facto control of MI5.

This is blatantly obvious from their military ineptitude and the fact that most of their leadership is now behind bars! What have they done since their inception to further the cause of Irish republicanism?

They have done nothing but whip up sectarian tension and ferment dissent. This is more akin to the agenda of Brit securocrats than to an agenda of Irish republicanism!

These deluded and sad individuals have absolutely nothing to offer to the republican cause and would probably be doing everyone a favour if they ended their 'war' (not that I think they actually commenced one in the first place)

They would then be free to go back to their bar stools and snipe at real republicans who fought the war and continue to carry the struggle forward in this new era.

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