Obama's back!

I was delighted to see that Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama is back to winning ways after taking Clintons scalp, this time in the southern state of South Carolina.

Not only did he beat Hillary but he won with 55% of the vote to her 27%. This was a key victory for Obama ahead of Feb 5th or "Super Tuesday" when over 20 states will be voting.

This victory though is not as impressive as it may seem, his victory in Iowa was even more impressive for one reason; he won more than just the black vote in Iowa. Over 50% of South Carolina's Democrats are black and Obama got that vote. Clinton won the female white vote and Edwards won the white male vote.

What can Obama take from this vote?


He has ended, or seems to have ended, the Clinton grip on the black vote in the southern states. He faced his most difficult week in the entire campaign with the Clinton machine throwing everything they had at him and he was still victorious.

While he didn't win the female vote he was almost neck and neck with the others when it came to white males. He has gained much needed momentum heading into Super Tuesday.

2.Not so positive

Unlike Iowa his vote came mainly from the black population with over 70% of his vote being a "black vote". He did not get enough white and female votes. This will be a problem when Super Tuesday rolls around as the black vote will not carry the same weight in those contests.

All in all this was a great win for Obama; he has much needed energy and approval heading into a very crucial week and a half. He has shown that the talents of Bill Clinton can not win the nomination for Hillary; she will have to rise or fall on her own steam.

He needs to ensure that the negative politics of this week are at an end, nothing puts off voters like negative smear campaigns. Obama needs to avoid being viewed as the black candidate and instead become the best candidate who just happens to be black.

Obama needs to keep on message and he needs to keep focused on the issues that matter. If he does that he can win this nomination.

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