I'm not a Brit!

That was the very clear message coming from Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle.

In an interview for Hot Press the Derry lass revealed that she hates being called a "Brit" and insisted on the tricolour being included on an album cover.

"When people say Girls Aloud are a British band and I'm there, I will explain that we are four British and one Irish. On our Greatest Hits album cover they had a Union Jack flag on the first draft.

I was like: 'What is this? Where's the Irish flag?
'If you're going to put the Union Jack on, you have to put an Ireland flag on too'. So they did."

Nadine also revealed that she dated Martin McGuinness's son at one stage, albeit when they were much younger.

The poor fucker must be kicking himself now.

I'm glad that Nadine was prepared to stand up to that kind of bullshit. I'm not a Girls Aloud fan myself (well, not of their music anyway) but it takes a bit of gall to take the road less travelled.

All too often Irish "celebrities" from the 6 counties take the path of least resistance and have no problem with being called British.

I'm thinking of Liam Neeson and the likes; I lost a lot of respect for him when he took his award from the English Queen.

I really shouldn't have been surprised though, any contact that I had with Derry girls at University left me with the lasting impression that they aren't afraid to speak their mind.

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