Micro groups to unite?

I see that a leading Derry dissident has called on the Real and Continuity to join forces, for what purpose still remains to be seen.

Gary Donnelly is a leading member of the 32 County Sovereignty Committee and has said that “It would be more logical to have one group which would be more effective than two.”

Not one of these micro groups could organise a piss up in a brewery, together all they will achieve is to have even more Irishmen serving jail sentences.

Adelante has already laid out his opinion of these groups, namely that they are riddled from head to toe with Brit spies and informers. I mean come on, imagine allowing a stranger (FBI spy) to attend their army council meetings.

These groups are quick to attack Sinn Féin and the Republican movement yet when challenged to come up with an alternative they fall silent. If their call is for continued armed struggle then they are totally incompetent as they have yet to kill a single member of the British crown forces.

If their alternative is a political one then let us hear it, I mean they stood during the last assembly election and they were quite publicly told to "fuck off" by the electorate.

What role do they foresee themselves having in ending partition? Drinking pints of porter and calling every shinner a sell out isn't going to end partition.

They would be better off disbanding and saving their members from prison sentences, they have yet to offer anything positive to the Republican cause.

They should leave the cause of uniting this country to the one and only Republican movement.

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