Ian Óg, a closet Fianna Failer?

That is the only conclusion that I can come to following on from the latest revelation in this long running saga.

It seems that Ian Óg has once again been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and in the pocket of a certain DUP property developer.

Following on from a FOI request by leader of the Prodiban, renegade Unionist Jim Allister; it now seems that during the St Andrews negotiations instead of trying to get the best deal for Unionism Ian Óg was more concerned with "constituency matters".

No doubt this will piss off the flat earthers of the DUP executive no end, yet again Ian Óg and his "constituency" work has brought the spotlight on to them.

The question now has to be asked, is he fit to be a Minister?

Rather than carrying out his brief he seems to be more concerned with getting the best deal possible for just one North Antrim constituent, a certain Mr Sweeney.

I asked if he is indeed a closet Fianna Failer because it's the sort of stunt that would be well received in the Soldiers of Destiny.

After all, when Charlie can rob money from a fellow cabinet Ministers charity fund and the current leader can have so many "financial" issues, not to mention the claim that he had no bank account when he was the Finance Minister, then this would be relatively minor.

Perhaps when a United Ireland comes Ian Óg will join that other motley crew who are more concerned with feathering their own nests rather than public service.

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