Election Bother!!!

The good old voices of moral reckoning in the British media have been quick to seize on the discrepancies in the recent Kenyan elections.

How dare the natives rig an election! How uncouth and immoral!!! How dare one side use electoral tools to nourish tribal divisions and totalitarianism!!!!!!

It would be a bit like an 800 year occupation of another country, dividing the country in two, establishing an artificial majority in a bastard state, wouldn't it??? It would be like using gerrymandering to deny the majority community of their rightful places on councils, places in education and health, wouldn't it???

Hold on a minute... I don't recall such concern from the British paper man during the Civil Rights campaign, when gerrymandering and sectarian discrimination were rife. I don't recall any such worry when the Brits were installing war lords in Iraq and Afghanistan only to remove them again later when they got a little too big for their boots.

Furthermore they were only too quick to garnish us with details about the Venezuelan elections. However there was less of a song and dance made about the dubious result in the New Hampshire presidential elections when Bush 'won'.

Where was the song and dance when the 26 county government decided it didn't like the result of the vote on the Nice Treaty, so decided to hold another vote??????

Funny isn't it?

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