Who's running what?

Last night saw the second meeting of the Quinn Support Group, this time in Crossmaglen.

The difference with last nights meeting was that Republicans attended in order to reiterate our support for the Quinn family and to confront some of those who are using this campaign for their own political objectives.

Conor Murphy’s brother Declan, a long standing South Armagh republican, accused some of those of using this campaign in order to advance their political objectives. Indeed he accused Jim McAllister directly.

According to the BBC Seamus Bellew is now the Chair. Why was Jim McAllister replaced as the Chair of this group???

It was highlighted at the meeting that the SDLP Publicity department are driving this campaign.

I have already asked “El Matador” AKA Gary McKeown of Newry SDLP what role he has with the Quinn Support Group, their website and indeed their Bebo page.

Thus far I have not received any response.

When our Councillors in Monaghan were invited to last night’s meeting they didn’t receive their invitation by way of the Quinn Support Group, they received it from the SDLP in Newry. They were also told that if they were going to attend that they should contact the Newry SDLP office in order to confirm.

Clear evidence that the SDLP are driving this campaign alongside dissidents like Jim McAllister and Co.

It has been suggested by the family and by the Quinn Support Group that this campaign is non political, all the evidence thus far points to the fact that it is a much politicised campaign.

It is quite obvious to a great many people in South Armagh that the reason why a lot of these people are involved in this campaign has nothing to do with achieving justice for the Quinn family.

Their motivation is an anti-Sinn Féin agenda, nothing else!

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