The people's own M.P.

It seems to me, in light of recent bull shit evinced by Mc Allister and his cabal of vipers, anti-republican vermin and leeches, that the results of elections are not quite what they seem to be.

According to Jim and his cohorts the current Sinn Fein M.P. for the area, and Minister for Regional Development, MLA, ex-POW and former IRA Oglach Conor Murphy does not know the area or the people who elected him to represent them. Odd that, don't you think?

The electorate in Newry/ Armagh were, according to Jim's reasoning anyway, stupid enough to give 20,965 votes in the Westminster election of 2005 to someone who knows nothing about them or the area.

If Jim is right then there is a lot of stupid fuckers in the Newry/Armagh area. Perhaps that is why he is hell bent on spreading malcontent. If they were stupid enough to give 41.4% of the vote to someone who knew nothing about them, well then surely they would be stupid enough to believe him.

Woe be hold, the electorate were stupid enough to give him 7,437 1st preference votes in the assembly elections of March 2007. They also gave his two running mates 7105 and 6337 votes each.

Interestingly enough they only gave that reptile Davy Hyland 2188 first preference votes. Hold on a minute am I missing something here????

Didn't Jim et al conspire with Davy in his act of treachery in order to cost republicans a seat in Newry/Armagh????

Seems to me that it is Jim and his merry band of vipers and reprobates that don't know the people of the area.

Conor got a resounding endorsement whilst Davy was left close to tears. Conor is a far more worthy representative of the people than Mc Allister or Hyland ever were in their failed political careers. Conor has given more for the republican cause than either of the aforementioned dickheads ever have.

Wait a minute. Maybe we are on to something here???

Could their venom be due to jealousy???

Both these reptiles were cast aside when it became obvious they just couldn't hack the role of the peoples representative. Maybe their new found hatred of all things republican is resultant from wounded egos???

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