Masters of their own destiny!!!!!

Celtic stand 90 minutes away from cementing their place in the last 16 of the Champions League for the second season in a row. What a night it will be for the Glasgow faithful if they pull it off.

It only seems like yesterday when the stinging humiliation of Bratislava was stuck like a lump in the back of every Celtic throat. Celtic have made vast progression since that defeat. It is imperative that the Hoops build on last seasons European adventure, if the future of this great club is to see them restored to the lofty heights they once inhabited.

We can't go through the next ten years heralding the group stages as the zenith of our success. We must go further to build from a position of strength. Furthermore it is a financial imperative that we continue in our advance forward. Furthermore if Rangers qualify it will up the ante on Celtic.

I like many other Celtic fans am not expecting a glorious exhibition of fantastic football at the San Siro tonight. Truth be told I'd be delighted with a dull 0-0 draw, so long as we qualify. Stracho says the troops are playing to win, not for a draw.

There is inherent danger in such an approach. If you open up against a side of Milan's calibre they will tear you to shreds. Celtics best approach is to slug it out with them for 60 minutes then try to counter for the last half an hour. A draw would be a great result considering its all that is needed!

Good fortune may seem to constantly allude the Hoops on their travels but I sincerely feel that tonight could be the night when Celtic get a result that need away from home. Granted there is a lot of players missing through injury: Kennedy, Wilson, Naylor, Doumbe and possibly Naka. Milan on the other hand have the current European Footballer of the year Kaka in their ranks. However saying as how they are already through and only need a draw to top the group the pressure is off for them.

I feel that tonight's match won't be pretty or exciting. In fact it will probably be a poor spectacle of football and boring as sin. However most importantly I feel that Celtic will secure that vital point in a 0-0 draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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