Coke, a silent killer! Unless you are a celebrity

I am of course talking about the much publicised tragic death of model and socialite Katy French.

Now I feel for Ms French's family, any life lost to drugs is a wasted one. My gripe however is with the media and the political establishment in general.

Since the death of Katy French we have wave after wave of drugs related press, people calling for tougher sentences, prime time investigations, political statements etc.

While all of this is good my beef is with the cold hard fact that had this been your average Joe Bloggs from inner city Dublin we would not have heard a peep.

Is the life of a young and good looking middle-class model worth more than a working class bloke? Is the grief of their respective families any different? No?

So then why is the political and public reaction so different?

Sinn Féin has been saying for ages that the drugs policy of this government and of previous governments wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

We need to take a serious look at the drugs culture in this country. The Celtic Tiger has created a selfish country awash with money and without any spirit, in effect an "I'm all right jack so fuck the lot of you" attitude.

Where is the community solidarity? Where are the protests outside the doors of drug dealers? Where is the multi-agency approach of this government?

Any fight against drugs will only be a success if the community is involved and the sad fact is that for many parts of Ireland there is no such thing as a community, only a large number of private developments.

I come from a Republican background and because of that I was brought up in a very anti-Drugs environment. I will not be friends with people who take drugs and indeed I no longer speak to former friends because of their new found penchant for drug abuse.

This girl's death is a tragedy and my heart goes out to her family however my heart also goes out to the countless other families who have lost loved ones through the evil of drugs but who have been forgotten about.

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