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Balrog will be on somewhat of a holiday for the next week as my internet connection has gone up the left.

I am relying on friends for internet access at the moment. Due to the fact that I will not be around Balrog as much for the next week I have decided to enable comment moderation.

This will only continue until I get my internet access sorted out, a week at the most.

Posters should contine to post away if they wish because I will be online at least once a day.

I hope you are all enjoying this festive period.

I personally wish to register my continued disgust at Christmas shopping, walking around the shops in Newry is an absolute nightmare at the moment.

I can't for the life of me understand how women find shopping an enjoyable hobby.

See you all soon


Pope attacks climate change prophets of doom

Pope Benedict XVI has attacked the climate change lobby for what he claims is scaremongering.

He has argued that any stance taken on climate change must be based on firm evidence and not on dubious ideology.

Leaving aside the irony from the Holy Father in relation to a man of faith attacking others for a lack of evidence I do believe that he may have a point.

I have to say that I have yet to be convinced one way or another on the whole issue of climate change.

Now I have no problem in accepting that it is happening, once I have been presented with clear facts that is.

From my perspective there are too many holes in the arguments thus far.

I have heard it said this week that 2007 was the hottest year since 1850.

My immediate reaction is why was 1850 so hot? Surely the climate change lobby don't expect us to believe that is was as a result of CO2 emissions?

I watched a nature show on the BBC a few weeks ago and it spoke about the earth going through different periods of hot and cold since life began and suggested a multitude of factors for this.

I have no problem with people wishing to tackle CO2 emissions and other harmful side effects of human activity however I would like a little bit of clarity and sensible conversation on the whole issue of climate change.

So far I believe that the climate change lobby have over egged the pudding on this issue.


Who's running what?

Last night saw the second meeting of the Quinn Support Group, this time in Crossmaglen.

The difference with last nights meeting was that Republicans attended in order to reiterate our support for the Quinn family and to confront some of those who are using this campaign for their own political objectives.

Conor Murphy’s brother Declan, a long standing South Armagh republican, accused some of those of using this campaign in order to advance their political objectives. Indeed he accused Jim McAllister directly.

According to the BBC Seamus Bellew is now the Chair. Why was Jim McAllister replaced as the Chair of this group???

It was highlighted at the meeting that the SDLP Publicity department are driving this campaign.

I have already asked “El Matador” AKA Gary McKeown of Newry SDLP what role he has with the Quinn Support Group, their website and indeed their Bebo page.

Thus far I have not received any response.

When our Councillors in Monaghan were invited to last night’s meeting they didn’t receive their invitation by way of the Quinn Support Group, they received it from the SDLP in Newry. They were also told that if they were going to attend that they should contact the Newry SDLP office in order to confirm.

Clear evidence that the SDLP are driving this campaign alongside dissidents like Jim McAllister and Co.

It has been suggested by the family and by the Quinn Support Group that this campaign is non political, all the evidence thus far points to the fact that it is a much politicised campaign.

It is quite obvious to a great many people in South Armagh that the reason why a lot of these people are involved in this campaign has nothing to do with achieving justice for the Quinn family.

Their motivation is an anti-Sinn Féin agenda, nothing else!


Coke, a silent killer! Unless you are a celebrity

I am of course talking about the much publicised tragic death of model and socialite Katy French.

Now I feel for Ms French's family, any life lost to drugs is a wasted one. My gripe however is with the media and the political establishment in general.

Since the death of Katy French we have wave after wave of drugs related press, people calling for tougher sentences, prime time investigations, political statements etc.

While all of this is good my beef is with the cold hard fact that had this been your average Joe Bloggs from inner city Dublin we would not have heard a peep.

Is the life of a young and good looking middle-class model worth more than a working class bloke? Is the grief of their respective families any different? No?

So then why is the political and public reaction so different?

Sinn Féin has been saying for ages that the drugs policy of this government and of previous governments wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

We need to take a serious look at the drugs culture in this country. The Celtic Tiger has created a selfish country awash with money and without any spirit, in effect an "I'm all right jack so fuck the lot of you" attitude.

Where is the community solidarity? Where are the protests outside the doors of drug dealers? Where is the multi-agency approach of this government?

Any fight against drugs will only be a success if the community is involved and the sad fact is that for many parts of Ireland there is no such thing as a community, only a large number of private developments.

I come from a Republican background and because of that I was brought up in a very anti-Drugs environment. I will not be friends with people who take drugs and indeed I no longer speak to former friends because of their new found penchant for drug abuse.

This girl's death is a tragedy and my heart goes out to her family however my heart also goes out to the countless other families who have lost loved ones through the evil of drugs but who have been forgotten about.

If the Scots leave...

Paisley has said that the future of Scotland as a member of the Union will have no bearing on the status of the 6 counties. Now, is that really true?

Paisley was replying to a question from Official Unionist David Burnside and said the following

"The First Minister of Scotland has views on the future constitutional position of Scotland and of course they are well known. Those are entirely matters for him and his party to take forward with the people of Scotland and they have no bearing on the future government of our country."

Unionists', most of those that I have encountered anyway, rely greatly on the Scottish side of the Union and indeed many Unionists' have a bit of an anti-English complex. Not anti-English in the way that Republican's would be in terms of British involvement in Ireland but a much more subtle form.

The glee that they took when their football team defeated England was almost as profound as the joy which we take when ever the Irish team defeat the Saxon foe.

The fact that many English view them as nothing more than Paddies must be a constant cause of irritation to the more delusional type who eschew any form of Irish identity.

With so many Unionists' determined to latch on to this deluded notion of an Ulster-Scots culture and language it just goes to show the lengths that some will go to in order to foster the notion that the Union is a positive beast.

The dominant Protestant denomination in the 6 counties is of course Presbyterian, of Scottish origin, and we have many Scottish surnames from Campbell to Cathcart.

Now of course there is a connection between Ireland and Scotland, one which both traditions on this island share. For the Catholic Irish it is one of Celtic FC, Gaelic language and our shared battle against the Saxon foe. For the Protestant Irish it is a religious and Orange Order connection that is the most visible.

Yet those of us who embrace our Celtic cousins on the Republican side do so in the belief that both Scotland and Ireland should be free and independent Gaelic countries, not a political union of such parts.

Indeed I regularly go to Faughart old graveyard just over the road from me and there I find the grave of Edward the Bruce.

He died in the Battle of Faughart in 1318 and despite his desire to see a "grand Gaelic alliance against England" his legacy in Ireland and his sacking of Dundalk in particular leave a bitter taste in this Irishman's mouth.

Now, back to the matter at hand, Unionist reaction should Scotland take the path of independence.

What would be the point of their Union then?

With just England and Wales left to form a Union with and with most of their perceived cultural and religious ties being with Scotland would their desire to stall a United Ireland be enough to sustain this new found Union?

I ask this out of general interest as I can't see the Union surviving such an occurrence.

With the Union rotting away faster than a bad carrot and with the British Empire banished to the annals of history I can see Scotland landing the final blow to over 200 years of theft, rape and murder.


When losing is still winning!

Celtic lost last night 1-0 to Ac Milan in the San Siro. However Celtic fans are still jumping with joy this morning!

This is of course due to the fact that the Hoops have qualified for the last 16 of the Champions League for the second year on the trot. This is a marvellous achievement for Gordon and the Bhoys. For much of the match last night they were equal to Milan, with Brown and Vennegor missing two easily scoreable chances!

The Bhoys must not have read the script before flying to Milan. They were, according to the anti-Celtic media hacks anyway, supposed to get tore apart in Milan whilst Shaktar easily dispatched of Benfica. However neither happened. Yes Celtic may have been beat but it was by no means the hammering many predicted.

This feat is all the more impressive when you consider how the Bhoys have been dogged with injuries this season. Hopefully come February they will have near a full squad and heres hoping for one or two new faces in January to help the cause. Stracho has already said that in order to progress to become a force in Europe the Hoops must start picking up points away from home.

Can anyone dispute this fact???
A single point from 15 away games is pretty hard evidence!

I feel this boost in confidence will aid the CEltic advance further. Thats two years in a row, so it lays lie to the 'fluke' claims doing the mills last year. However the journey and indeed the task is far from complete. Many are predicting a Celtic exit in the next round. However one should wait to see the draw befor making any such predictions. I feel that with the right signatures in January and a spell free from serious injuries could see the Bhoys advance further. They came within a whisker of doing so last season.


Masters of their own destiny!!!!!

Celtic stand 90 minutes away from cementing their place in the last 16 of the Champions League for the second season in a row. What a night it will be for the Glasgow faithful if they pull it off.

It only seems like yesterday when the stinging humiliation of Bratislava was stuck like a lump in the back of every Celtic throat. Celtic have made vast progression since that defeat. It is imperative that the Hoops build on last seasons European adventure, if the future of this great club is to see them restored to the lofty heights they once inhabited.

We can't go through the next ten years heralding the group stages as the zenith of our success. We must go further to build from a position of strength. Furthermore it is a financial imperative that we continue in our advance forward. Furthermore if Rangers qualify it will up the ante on Celtic.

I like many other Celtic fans am not expecting a glorious exhibition of fantastic football at the San Siro tonight. Truth be told I'd be delighted with a dull 0-0 draw, so long as we qualify. Stracho says the troops are playing to win, not for a draw.

There is inherent danger in such an approach. If you open up against a side of Milan's calibre they will tear you to shreds. Celtics best approach is to slug it out with them for 60 minutes then try to counter for the last half an hour. A draw would be a great result considering its all that is needed!

Good fortune may seem to constantly allude the Hoops on their travels but I sincerely feel that tonight could be the night when Celtic get a result that need away from home. Granted there is a lot of players missing through injury: Kennedy, Wilson, Naylor, Doumbe and possibly Naka. Milan on the other hand have the current European Footballer of the year Kaka in their ranks. However saying as how they are already through and only need a draw to top the group the pressure is off for them.

I feel that tonight's match won't be pretty or exciting. In fact it will probably be a poor spectacle of football and boring as sin. However most importantly I feel that Celtic will secure that vital point in a 0-0 draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The people's own M.P.

It seems to me, in light of recent bull shit evinced by Mc Allister and his cabal of vipers, anti-republican vermin and leeches, that the results of elections are not quite what they seem to be.

According to Jim and his cohorts the current Sinn Fein M.P. for the area, and Minister for Regional Development, MLA, ex-POW and former IRA Oglach Conor Murphy does not know the area or the people who elected him to represent them. Odd that, don't you think?

The electorate in Newry/ Armagh were, according to Jim's reasoning anyway, stupid enough to give 20,965 votes in the Westminster election of 2005 to someone who knows nothing about them or the area.

If Jim is right then there is a lot of stupid fuckers in the Newry/Armagh area. Perhaps that is why he is hell bent on spreading malcontent. If they were stupid enough to give 41.4% of the vote to someone who knew nothing about them, well then surely they would be stupid enough to believe him.

Woe be hold, the electorate were stupid enough to give him 7,437 1st preference votes in the assembly elections of March 2007. They also gave his two running mates 7105 and 6337 votes each.

Interestingly enough they only gave that reptile Davy Hyland 2188 first preference votes. Hold on a minute am I missing something here????

Didn't Jim et al conspire with Davy in his act of treachery in order to cost republicans a seat in Newry/Armagh????

Seems to me that it is Jim and his merry band of vipers and reprobates that don't know the people of the area.

Conor got a resounding endorsement whilst Davy was left close to tears. Conor is a far more worthy representative of the people than Mc Allister or Hyland ever were in their failed political careers. Conor has given more for the republican cause than either of the aforementioned dickheads ever have.

Wait a minute. Maybe we are on to something here???

Could their venom be due to jealousy???

Both these reptiles were cast aside when it became obvious they just couldn't hack the role of the peoples representative. Maybe their new found hatred of all things republican is resultant from wounded egos???