I was delighted to see that case against our Newry and Mourne councillors has been settled out of court.

This relates to a case brought by Willie Frazer and his desire for bullet proof glass in a hall where the community association had threatened to resign on mass if he was admitted.

Willie and those who use him in the UUP had tried to see our Councillors disbarred because of this decision.

The case has been settled out of court with the Local Government Auditor. The surcharge certificate has now been set aside with the Sinn Féin and SDLP councillors agreeing to pay the legal costs of the case.

I have said all along that these councillors would not be disbarred, it would have been an injustice for them to be disbarred.

Sinn Féin councillor Jimmy McCreesh said that they had been vindicated by this result.

"The judge's comments that the agreement reached was sensible and pragmatic clearly indicate his understanding of the issues involved. It is a matter of record that the cross-community management committee of the centre in Newtownhamilton totally opposed this application which initially involved a request for bullet-proof windows to be provided.

We as elected representatives were duly obliged to balance the rights of Mr Frazer and FAIR with the rights of the community."

Now I am sure poor Willie and Danny Kennedy are upset that our councillors are still in place however the people of South Armagh and indeed Newry and Mourne as a whole will be relieved that their councillors are still in place.

Hard luck Willie, better luck next time!

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