Ulterior motives

I see that a committee has been established which purports to pursue justice for the family of slain Cullyhanna man Paul Quinn.

Now before any of the bloggers on this thread attempt to stick the boot into me over this post, let me categorically state that I support the Quinn family's attempts to achieve justice for their son 100%. It was a most heinous murder and those who perpetrated it need to be brought to justice. No one can question a family's desire to see justice for a murdered love one.

However I have grave concerns about this committee. I fear that the Quinn family are unknowingly being manipulated by criminal and anti-republican elements to further an anti-republican agenda. This is not concerned with achieving justice for Paul Quinn.

It will be a grave indictment of these elements if they do, as I suspect they will and already have, seek to exploit the murder of a young man to further their own ends. This is not in the best interests of anyone, least of all the Quinn family.

These elements will support the Quinn family until it remains viable to pursue an anti-republican agenda through this avenue. Whenever another seemingly 'worthy' cause to stick the boot into republicans comes along they will drop the Quinn family like a bag of spuds. Look what happened to Davy Hyland's campaign. Where are those people who backed him now? They failed to get their pound of flesh so they fucked off leaving him high and dry and to wallow in his own self pity. The same will invariably happen to the Quinn family.

Furthermore I would like to know if Jim McAllister and this committee are going to do anything to address ongoing attacks against a Cullyhanna family wrongly connected to the tragic murder by Lord Laird (Jim admitted Laird got it wrong).

I would also like to know if they have any plans to champion the cause of justice for Vol. Keith Rodgers who was murdered by criminal elements. I am going to hedge my bets and say that these two issues will be side stepped by Jim and the committee as it is not in the interests of an anti-republican agenda to address them.

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