New Order

I would have posted this at the weekend but my computer was on the blink. From this moment on any poster who continues to pollute Balrog threads with nonsense about David Vance or ATW will have their comments deleted.

Unless the thread is about either David Vance or ATW personally this policy will be enforced with an iron fist.

I am very annoyed that certain posters have forced me into this position, however I would rather turn off comments and close down Balrog than to have it polluted with this king of puerile and childish nonsense.

I have asked that posters refrain from this kind of bullshit before however several have refused to listen.

I understand that David Vance has banned several posters and they have no access to a site that they can bitch on, the fact that they feel the need to bitch so much shows that one or two are obsessed. It's getting very close to a Glenn Close moment for several of them.

That being said if anyone feels that bad about either David Vance or ATW then I suggest you set up your own blog, I don't like Balrog being used for electronic diarrhoea.

If anyone feels that this is harsh, an attempt at censorship etc I have just one thing to say.... I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!

This is my blog and I don't post up new threads just to see them turn into anti-ATW threads.

If anyone feels they will be unable to comply with this new order then the door is that way!

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