McAllister and Co, hypocrites and liars!

I see that the first public meeting of the "Quinn Support group" has occurred. BBC report that 200 people turned up (that wasn't the figure I received but that is beside the point).

In light of this tactic by McAllister I thought it prudent to put into the public domain a letter from Jim McAllister.

According to people I have spoken to these letters have been sent to many community and sporting groups throughout South Armagh.

This letter was passed on to me by a person who was concerned about the role of Jim McAllister in this group. I would direct you to the third point in the letter. In it Jim states

"We would be grateful if you could put us in touch with anyone in your area who may have been the victim of intimidation or subjected to a punishment attack"

Now this leads to many questions.....

1. Are Jim McAllister and Pat McNamee only concerned with punishment attacks that occurred after they left the movement or are they also concerned with attacks that occurred while they were members??

2. How does seeking to unite every anti-Republican in South Armagh in anyway advance the Quinn family search for truth and justice?

3. Bearing in mind the type of people in South Armagh who have received punishment beatings (rapists, murderers, drug dealers, thieves, child abusers etc) are these the type of people that Jim and Co now seek to stand shoulder to shoulder with?

Do they not realise the anger that is building within the community over their attempts to seek support from those who have inflicted so much suffering on the South Armagh community?

This is clear evidence of McAllister and Co trying to build up an anti-Republican group and it shows their true intentions. They are only interested in their own failed and rejected politics.

They care not about truth or justice!

Is it not about time that the attacks upon innocent people in the Cullyhanna and Crossmaglen area stopped? Is it not about time that Jim and Co speak to some of the people that they have been winding up with bullshit for weeks?

It's unfair that innocent people are having their homes attacked and themselves assulted just so these people can peddle their lies and innuendo.

There are some good people on the Quinn Support group, people who are only concerned about achieving justice for the Quinn family. These people are unlike McAllister and Co as they have no other political objectives.

I only hope that in time they will see through these people for what they really are.

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