John Laird: A coward and a liar!

I was disgusted by John Laird's abuse of Parliamentary Privilege today when he shamefully named men from behind the shroud of this outdated and elitist protection.

If Laird believed that he could stand over what he said then why didn't he say it in public where these men would have recourse under the law of torts?

It's a disgrace that this archaic piece of British parliamentary procedure is still allowed to be used and abused by people like Laird.

I don't believe a word of what Laird spouted today but I do feel for the men to have had their names and character attacked in such a fashion.

What is evident though from Laird's speech is that he has been "contacted by a number of people and groups from the area who would not normally consider me as a friend".

Now, you don't have to be a genius to work out who these people and groups from the area are. The same criminal element that are trying to ferment discord through lies are the same people who are responsible for this speech by Laird.

It is very clear that Laird's only sources of information are these criminal elements.

Anyone who tries a similar action to Laird's on Balrog will have their post deleted and their IP banned.

This action today was not only an attack upon the men involved but it was also an attack upon the presumption of innocence, a presumption that lies at the heart of any democracy.

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