RUC: Collusion, Bigotry and Murder

I see that the motley crew of sectarian bigots and murderers that make up Retired RUC officers have come together in order to tell the story of that forces 80 year history.

I have serious doubts that we will get anything other than a stomach churning dose of bullshit from these people.

The RUC came into force after the minority community on this island used their illegitimate influence to partition this country.

That partition created the bastardised 6 counties, a statelet forged out of sectarian bigotry and the desire to dominate their fellow Irishmen.

In essence " A Protestant country for a Protestant people"

In May 1922 Stormont passed the 1922 Constabulary Act and the RUC officially came into existence on 1 June 1922.

The hatred which the Nationalist people felt for the RUC and their Protestant Militia, the B Specials, is well documented.

The history of the RUC is a history of sectarianism, discrimination, hate, collusion and murder. They only ever served one section of the people and their raison d'etre was to uphold the illegitimate partition of this country.

When you have stoops like Seamus Mallon describing the RUC as "97% Protestant and 100% unionist." you get a feeling for the dept of hatred felt towards the RUC.

Indeed even those few Castle Catholic who decided to join this sectarian force received discrimination.

In December 1997 The Independent newspaper published a leaked internal RUC document which reported that a third of all Catholic RUC officers had suffered religious discrimination and/or harassment from Protestant fellow officers.

Then we move on to the issue of collusion and state sanctioned murder.

On 18 April 2003 as part of the third report into collusion between Unionist death squads, RUC, and British Army, John Stevens published an Overview and Recommendations document. In it contained the following.

"My Enquiries have highlighted collusion, the wilful failure to keep records, the absence of accountability, the withholding of intelligence and evidence, and the extreme of agents being involved in murder. These serious acts and omissions have meant that people have been killed or seriously injured."

In February 1994, Amnesty International published a report which stated there was "mounting evidence" of collusion between the security forces and Unionist death squads.

In fact last year an international panel of legal experts examined 76 killings between 1972 and 1977 and said there was evidence of collusion in all but two of the cases.

So out of the 76 cases they examined 74 of those cases contained evidence of collusion between the RUC and their Unionist death squads.

That's just a 5 year period of a 30 year conflict which was examined. How many cases of collusion would we find if they were all examined?

I had a wry smile when I read that the RUC website claimed

“The Royal Ulster Constabulary served all the people of Northern Ireland with valour and gallantry from 1922 up until 2001”

Yeah right!

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