Engerland are out!

I was away at a law fair yesterday with a friend and didn't return home until after nine last night. On the way up the road I heard the man on the news say that England were 2-0 down.

My heart began to flutter, how are Russia doing? Then I heard the news that every Irishman was waiting for, Russia were 1-0 up.

By the time I finally got home there was only 10 minutes left and England were trailing 3-2.

By the time I had changed out of the suit and poured a large Whiskey it was the dying minutes and England were all but out. Then the final whistle came and I received my early Birthday present.

England were out of Euro 2008, I was beside myself with joy.

I remember watching the England-Holland match earlier this year while I was living in London. We were in a Lloyds bar in the centre of London and I was the only voice to be heard when Holland scored.

One of the lads asked me why "you Irish and Scots never support England, even though we support you whenever you are playing. Like what have the English ever done on you?"

Resisting the urge for one of my political rants I simply informed my English mate that I followed the Tommy Tiernan rule of thumb regarding the old enemy.

"I don't hate them, obviously I love to see them defeated in stuff like football and war"

I'd say there was many an Irish, Scottish and Welsh smile today. The old enemy is out and it's going to be fun watching the media and the fans explode.

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