Edentubber Martyrs

This Sunday marks the 50th Anniversary of the Edentubber Martyrs. This will be the time when Republicans from across Ireland come to remember the sacrifice of five brave men, men who in our history of struggle paid the ultimate price in the pursuit of unity and freedom.

On the 11 November 1957 five republicans were killed in an explosion which demolished a small cottage at the foot of Edentubber Mountain in County Louth, some 300 yards from the South Armagh border.

The five men were Vol. Paul Smith from South Armagh, Vol. George Keegan from Wexford, Vol. Paddy Parle also from Wexford, Vol. Oliver Craven from Newry and Michael Watters from Edentubber.

This five men were involved in Operation Harvest, the IRA's border campaign that lasted from 1956 to 1962.

The Edentubber Commemoration Committee have now launched the Edentubber Martyrs Fiftieth Anniversary Website, it can be viewed under my "Irish Republican" links.

This year promises to be the biggest commemoration yet with an exhibition, a DVD launch, dress up in period battle gear and other aspects of street theatre.

The Balrog team will be there on Sunday so blogging on Monday may have to take a backseat.

These men paid the ultimate price in the hope that this country may be free and united. We meet on Sunday to honour their sacrifice and to reassert our determination that their deaths were not in vain.

Abject tears, and prayers submissive -
Have they eyes, and cannot see?
Never a country gained her freedom
when she sued on bended knee.

- Jane Francesca Elgee

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