Blue-shirts not happy with Stoops

I see that chief Blue-shirt Enda Kenny has warned Mark "concise" Durkan and indeed the SDLP that it risks souring relations with the other partitionist parties if it creates any formal ties with Fianna Fáil.

I personally would like to know what benefits the stoops have ever gained from their constant tea and biscuits with Fine Gael and Co, or indeed Finna Fáil for that matter?

I mean I have witnessed Dermot Ahern canvassing on behalf of the SDLP, the same is also true for Enda Kenny and Pat Rabbitte, and we still roasted them in the election.

I mean when you are as inactive, as unrepresentative and as useless as the SDLP it doesn't really matter what the Southern establishment parties are saying.

Fianna Fáil are like vultures hovering over the rotting corpse of the SDLP, just waiting for the opportune time to swoop in for the kill.

So whether we are facing the stoops in South Armagh or stoops with Fianna Fáil badges and brown envelopes it doesn't really matter. The outcome for them will still be the same either way.

We will continue to advance and they will continue to retreat further into political irrelevancy.

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