BBBerties double standards

I really had to laugh when I read on RTÉ that an Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, has called for wage restraint in the next round of talks on a National Wage Agreement.

Ahern said wage increases under the current agreement Towards 2016 had cost the Government €1.7bn.

This is despite the fact that Ahern has just approved himself a 14% or €38,000 wage increase. This will bring his salary up to €310,000 and make him one of the best paid leaders in the world.

This call for economic prudence in the face of an economic downturn from Ahern whilst he feathers his own nest is reminiscent of the worst era of Haughism.

Charlie called on people to watch what they spent and to tighten their belts yet he spent thousands on £750 Charvet shirts and dinners at Le Coq Hardi.

That's what happens when you have Fianna Fáil in power, it's one rule for them and other for the rest of us mere mortals!

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