Whose agenda????

Many 'republicans' (and I use the term as loosely as possible) have been heralded in the media as experts offering accurate and in-depth knowledge of the goings-on within the republican movement.

Maybe its just me, but sometimes I really do wonder how the media rationalises having some disaffected and pissed off reptile portrayed as an expert or the leading voice for Irish republicanism. I mean lets just look at some of the useless cretins they have dared to employ to attack the integrity of the republican movement.

Sean (Sham) O Callaghan is often wheeled out on documentaries to try and inflict a bit of damage on the leadership and stir things up a little bit. This man was a bloody tout! so how can he articulate the mood of republicanism??? The man would not know the truth if it hit him in the face, as many paid perjurers wouldn't. Indeed he has made numerous scurrilous allegations against the late Pat Finucane and is obviously working to an anti-republican agenda.

Willie Carlin is another tout we've had shown on the TV screens as the true voice of republicanism. Eamon Collins was giving the same star treatment from the media. What did they have in common? They were both touts working to a Brit driven agenda.

During the policing debate Paddy Murray was heralded by the media as the authority on hard core republican principles and was afforded several column inches to get a boot into the leadership. Isn't it ironic that rumours are fast circulating that the afore mentioned was actually an MI5 agent and is apparently now in protective custody.

Indeed in the last few days yet another disaffected former republican has seized an opportunity to stick the boot into the movement. This is clear to anyone that knows the person in question. He has long had an axe to grind with the movement. He tried it to no affect by backing Davy Hyland and has now attempted in a reprehensible manner to do the same by laying the blame for a truly terrible murder at the door of the republican movement. The same person has been deafening in his silence about the murders of other young men in the area by criminals. Why?

Because it did not suit his agenda to highlight this. The truth will come out eventually and he will be exposed for what he truly is. People can see through this facade and there is no way to masquerade a wounded ego behind that of a concerned 'republican'.

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