Time for a cull

That is the only option that can work against these foreign hordes that place the indigenous Irish at risk. I am of course speaking about the grey squirrel population.

The 2007 Irish Squirrel Survey is suggesting placing the grey squirrel on "the pill", no this isn't a piss take that is what they are recommending. They are suggesting this despite the fact that no such pill exists.

The all-Ireland report recorded no red squirrels in County Armagh with only 47 sightings across the rest of the six counties in a seven-month period.

The first grey squirrels to arrive in Ireland are thought to have been six brought over from England as a wedding present in 1911. It is believed they were released into woods somewhere in County Longford in that same year.

The only way to ensure that the Irish red squirrel survives is to shoot as many of these little grey bastards as possible!

Ireland for the Irish and so forth...

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