Suspicious Minds!!!!

It would appear that loyalism is on the verge of imploded once again. After rioting in Bangor and some parts of Belfast, there is trouble once again in Carrickfergus.

Now this is not a surprise to anyone who has watched these state killers tear each other apart on numerous occasins in the last seven or eight years. Indeed no one even thinks to bat an eyelid when they hear the words 'loyalist feud' on the news any more.

First there was the UFF vs UVF feud centring on the Shankill, which claimed the lives of several prominent secterian murderers and stae agents most notably 'Topgun' Mc Keague. Then there was friction between Mad Dogs 'Seacat Company' and the rest of the UDA which saw John Gregg going for his tea. Then Doris Day was next to be sent on a one way journey to Hydes. Then the Shoukris were given the old P45 either side of a feud between the UVF and The LVF( Who were also feuding with the Red Hand Commandos at one stage). Now it seems that the SEA UDA and the 'Beyond Conflict'( no its not a bad joke) are next in line for the old heave-ho. Therse also talk that West Belfast could be next for a change of 'leadership'( if you can call people who murder young teenagers with drugs leaders that is),

However one has never fully examined the reason why these state killers are tearing themselves apart at the seams. Many people have evinced their own theories on this and I will share them with you.

One theory I once heard was that it was due to the paranoi caused by drug taking. As many know the UDA leadership would be no strangers to the odd line of coke. Indeed whilst republican POW's were using their time in jail to obtain degrees, 90% of the reading materail that went down the loyalist wing was either porn, bodybuilding or motorbikes. This in itself speaks volumes about the type of scum that were on this wing. They failed to move on due to their fixation with that of glorified criminality and gangsterism and allowed this to misguide them from a sucessful transformation from conflict to peace, instead sidetracking them on a crusade to ruin many young lives by pumping drugs into their community and to plague it with prostitution, extortion etc..

Another theory was that, unlike republicans, loyalists never had the support of thrie respective community. It took many to leave the jail before this dawned on them. I once listened to loyalist ex-prisoner Colin Haliday, talk about how he was the only ex-prisoner in Dromore and how he was effectively an outcast upon his release. This must have been hard for many to take and thus make explain why they failed to make the successful transformation from conflict to peace that the republican movement have made.

The most credible theory yet to emerge is that it is actually their paymaster securocrats that are instigating the entire feud. They have had their agents in place all through the dirty war, but now many of them have gone irreparably out of control and will not follow the wishes of their masters. Thus the only way to do this is by whipping up discontent and dissent and force a coup. Many of the agents who have prepetrated some of the most heinous deeds of the Dirty War (Gray, Wright, Fulton, Mc Keague, Gregg, Stobie) have all been silenced and the only question that remains is who is next!!!!!!!!!!!

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