Primacy of Armagh restored

I see that Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, Seán Brady, is to be made a Cardinal. The Holy Father made this announcement at the end of his weekly audience in St Peter's Square.

This move will mean that the traditional right to vote in a Papal election is restored to the See of Armagh following the appointment of Archbishop Desmond Connell, the then Archbishop of Dublin, as Cardinal six years ago.

While I am glad to see the primacy of Armagh restored I am somewhat indifferent to the recipient of this honour.

Seán Brady is an arch-stoop and has long since been a mouth piece for the NIO, as such I believe he is unfit to inhabit the same position as Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich.

When Raymond McCreesh died, Cardinal Ó Fiaich said

"Raymond McCreesh was captured bearing arms at the age of 19 and sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment. I have no doubt that he would have never seen the inside of a jail but for the abnormal political situation. Who is entitled to label him a murderer or a suicide?"

The fact that a man like Seán Brady is head of the Church in Ireland is a sad reflection on all us Catholics.

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