Orange Order is not the sum of Protestant Culture

I cast a wry smile of disbelief when I heard that the head of the Orange Order in Ireland, Robert Saulters, described an attack on an Orange hall as "a form of ethnic assault, a direct attack on Protestant religion and culture".

Now let's get the preliminaries out of the way, without reservation I condemn any attack on an Orange hall. The cretins who carry out these attacks are a collective mixture of scumbags and idiots.

That being said, to describe an attack on an Orange hall as an attack on the Protestant religion and "culture" (what exactly is "Protestant culture"?) is complete and utter nonsense.

I know many Protestants who wouldn't touch the bigoted Orange Order with a fifty foot bargepole! That doesn't make them any less Protestant!

Orangeism is not and has never been a byword for Protestant religion and culture and for them to suggest it is shows just how arrogant they are.

To this very day the Orange Order still insist on trying to force their "culture"/bigotry onto others by using parades as an act of communal deterrence. They still think they're top dog and that the croppies will lie down and indulge their inferiority complex.

While I disagree with these attacks I am not prepared to indulge these sad people and their bigoted ways.

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