Only the educated are free

The above is one of my favourite quotes from Epictetus and in this country the Catholic Church are the group that educated most Irish children.

It is therefore with great regret and a certain degree of anger that I learn that Catholic bishops have said it may be necessary to reduce the church's involvement in the running of the country's primary schools.

The Catholic bishops are patrons to 92% of Ireland's primary schools

I was very annoyed when I was watching Questions and Answers last night and listened to quite a few self-loathing Catholics and West-Brits like David "I'm the only gay in the village" Norris.

They seemed repulsed at the idea that a Catholic school would require children who wished to present themselves for admission to produce a Baptismal cert.

Now it needs to be made clear from the start that Bunreacht Na hÉireann guarantees a person the right to denominational education. The schools and their grounds in this country are the property of the Catholic Church. The government then fund them to educate the nations children.

The Church has also been very generous in relation to the use of their property for other groups with a different religion.

The simple fact is that if people want non-religious state schools then so be it, parental choice is paramount in my eyes. Let the government pay for it but stop blaming the Church for a problem that lies with government.

The same shower, the kind who describe themselves and more often others as "Roman Catholics" ( I hate that phrase, used by "stoopish" Catholics), more often than not don't even have children but think they know better than parents.

There is nothing wrong with a Catholic school favouring Catholics and the fact that some see that as a problem suggests that the pendulum has swung too far in this country.

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