No Republican involvement

That's the very clear message in relation to the brutal murder of Cullyhanna man Paul Quinn. He was found brutally beaten outside a farm house in Castleblaney and later died in hospital.

It has only been 48hrs since this mans brutal murder but already the usual suspects are trying to suggest IRA involvement.

The family have blamed the IRA for his killing however this has been strongly denied by both Gerry Adams and Conor Murphy.

Gerry Adams had this to say

"The people involved are criminals. They need to be brought to justice and it is fairly obvious to me that this is linked to fuel smuggling and to criminal activity."

"Others may want to play politics with this dreadful murder. I don't and I won't."

"There is no republican involvement whatsoever in this man's murder and all of us should be careful that we don't end up playing politics with what is a dreadful, criminal action."

Sinn Féin MP for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy also denied any Republican involvement

"I have spoken to republicans on the ground and they are as shocked as we are, Cullyhanna is a small place and people know the motivation of what's going on behind others' actions. I am confident that the republicans I know in that area were not involved in any way, shape or form."

Added to this mix is former Sinn Féin member Jim McAllister, he has his own motivations for wanting to blame the IRA.

People in South Armagh are well aware that Jim supported Davy Hyland in his failed endeavour to cost Sinn Féin an Assembly seat. They are also aware of the scumbags that they sought support from during this campaign and the hurt those scumbags have caused and continue to cause in the South Armagh area.

When you lie down with dogs you are going to get fleas Jim!

This mans brutal murder should never have happened and those responsible should be put in jail. Anyone with any information should contact an Garda Síochána or the PSNI.

There are those who wish to use this death for their own purposes, Republicans will not let that happen.

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