Justice from a gun

I see that the inquest into the death of drugs baron Brendan 'Speedy' Fegan was held in Newry last Wednesday. Fegan was 24, when he was gunned down by two gun men wearing wigs and fake moustaches who entered the Hermitage Bar in Cana St and shot him at least 14 times.

Whilst many were quick to blame DAAD or the IRA, there has long been speculation that Fegan was killed by some of his own vermin over a drugs deal gone wrong. Fegan had survived a similar murder bid some weeks before the fatal attack and had relocated to Moira although still ruthlessly pumping the Newry area full of drugs with cohort Brendan Campbell (also shot dead).

The inquest threw up some confusing theories. The most fantastical of all was that the Real IRA shot Fegan for his drug dealing. This holds no credibility considering that this band of useless bastards couldn't score a hit at Auschwitz, never mind a crowded bar. Many believe that this theory is being peddled to cover up the fact that Speedy was a police informer given immunity from arrest in exchange for information on republicans and some of his fellow scumbag dealers.

It was with much anger that I heard the judge refer to the men who killed this lowlife bastard as "cowardly". He also said that despite what people may think of Speedy he was but a young man "with no criminal record".

This is outrageous. Surely the judge should have been commending the people that shot this spineless bastard instead of condemning them? This lowlife scumbag has caused more deaths with his drug dealing than the gunmen who done this honourable deed have. He had spleened his poison for far too long, causing misery and pain and ruining so many young lives.

Its a pity more of these 'cowards' did not dispatch more of these drug dealing, criminal reptiles in the manner they took care of Speedy, Bap Campbell, Moneybags Mooney and Bull Downey. These 'cowards' should be exalted for ridding this world of the scourge of bastards like Speedy Fegan instead of being criminalised by some right wing judge.

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