Green tongue???

It was with much amusement that I watched ministers question time last Monday. Interestingly enough Michelle Gildernew was taking questions on 'Blue tongue' and true to form wee Willie 'Daniel O Donnell' Mc Crea piped up with his usual diatribe.

Willie remarked that when the minister referred to 'the North' he was confused and unsure as to whether this meant the north of England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland. Indeed he even remarked that the words 'Northern Ireland' would burn the ministers lips if she dared utter them.

Whilst assuming that this was just wee Willie embarking on another mindless tirade it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps wee Willie's ineptitude at geography is the reason why he has caused so much controversy.

I attributed this originally to Willie being a bigoted megalomaniac but perhaps I have been too harsh on him and ridiculed him for what is nothing more than an inability to read a map????

Geographical confusion could surely explain why wee Willie managed to find himself sharing a stage with Billy Wright at the height of the Drumcree standoff. It may also explain incursions by the Third Force into the 26 counties.

However, more tellingly, it may explain why wee Willie was forced to flee to South Antrim and contest the Westminster seat there after Martin Mc Guinness deposed him in Mid Ulster.

In the words of the rebel band Summerfly in their song Reverend Willie:

'Well how does it feel Reverend Willie Mc Crea,
to know that your voters have all ran away?
But don't give up your night job you could still be a star,
with King Rat as your agent you won't get too far!

Well you can march to Dunloy, march to Drumcree,
march up the mountains and into the sea, but you never will walk over the green flag again,
cos you've been stopped in your tracks by the man from Sinn Fein'

So how's that for Green tongue then Willie??????

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