Frazer Watch: Part 2

I meant to blog on this at the weekend however with my social calender full I never found the time. I am a bit miffed that Martin McGuinness has decided to indulge the lies of Willie Frazer and Co at FAIR.

The Deputy First Minister has agreed to meet a small delegation from the "victims" group Families Acting for Innocent Relatives (FAIR).

I personally wouldn't indulge Frazer's wanton paranoia and lies for a second let alone a full meeting.

This is a man who describes, and campaigns on behalf of, Robert McConnell and the like as an "innocent" victim.

A man that has hid the fact that his deceased relatives who were killed were members of the UDR and UVF Glenanne Gang, like his father for example.

He stated live on Radio Ulster that the “Loyalists” released under the GFA agreement should never have been jailed in the first place.

He said that Billy Wright was “a friend” and a “good man”.

Has associations with “Loyalist” death squads as claimed by the PSNI and upheld by the High Court when they denied him a firearms license - the judge said that the PSNI presented clear and irrefutable evidence to support their accusations.

He and his organisation inferred for years that the Reavey brothers were involved in the Republican movement and were murdered for that reason.

The Glenanne Gang

A ruthless group of sectarian killers who were responsible for the deaths of 120 innocent people. This gang was made up of members of the British Army, the RUC and Unionist death squads and was run by British Military Intelligence and RUC Special Branch.

I hope Martin reminds Frazer of this when he meets him and Frazer starts spouting this nonsense about "innocent" victims.

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