Faithful through and through.

I am sure that after last nights loss to Benfica many were not expecting a Celtic thread to-day, but true to form I decided that I would run with one regardless.

Firstly, yes it was another away disaster for Celtic in Europe. Seems to be an inexorable trend in the last few seasons. If it is not the first ten minutes they fuck up in, its the last ten minutes. Perhaps this is where the lack of European experience at a top level becomes apparent.

In Europe you are not playing against Gretna or Livingstone and simply won't get away with it. That said the Hoops were within minutes of claiming a precious away point, that in my opinion would have set them in good stead to progress. Now progression is not so certain.

I decided to blog about Celtic to-day because it is all too easy to sing the praises of team in victory, and ignore the bitter disappointment of defeat. Yes Celtic lost to the Teddy Bears on Saturday and yes they lost to Benfica last night but does that mean I or any of there other thousands upon thousands of loyal fans will quit supporting them? Does it bollocks!!!!

Celtic fans are renowned for their loyalty to their sacred club and no other fans are on a par with them. The fans have ensured that the good name of Celtic is upheld no matter where they go. In Seville for the UEFA Cup Final there was in excess of 100,000 Hoops fans and there was no a single arrest.

Could any English team realistically say the same of their fans?

Yes things may be a bit down at the moment but I am backing the team to bounce back and keep their current spot at the apex of the SPL. We've been through much worse (Rangers 9 in a row, John Barnes, losing the UEFA Cup Final, verge of bankruptcy), this is merely a blip and indubitably in the end the League Flag will be unfurled at Paradise again.

I'll leave with a song called "Raised on Celtic" dedicated to the legions of loyal Celtic fans.

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