Come fly away with me!!!

Interesting to see that Aer Lingus are now taking bookings for Winter flights out of Belfast Airport. Interesting development this is indeed considering that they could have no pilots to fly them

Many are predicting a strike following the draconian actions of Aer Lingus. Five pilots have been suspended for refusing to train new pilots to fly the planes out of Belfast. This is an attempt to prevent the demise of services out of Shannon.

Indeed all pilots received a letter yesterday from CEO of Aer Lingus Dermot Manion. The letter duly stated that unless they reaffirm their commitment to all duties (including training new pilots) by Monday 15th Oct they will be suspended from the company payroll from 3am on Tuesday 16th of October.

This is just another in a long line of strikes and one cannot help but sympathise with the pilots, postal workers and classroom assistants.

Indeed the real losers in the whole situation could be anyone that has booked a flight.

Don't be too hasty in buying those sunglasses and beach ball just yet Chris.

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