Celts go marching on!!!!

It has been with much delight that I have watched Celtic march on in the last seven days. Firstly there was an amazing victory over reigning European Champions AC Milan at Paradise last Wednesday.

Now many of the begrudgers have been quick to denigrate the victory by claiming that Milan are a team in terminal decline. This is a team that demolished Man Utd and Liverpool in Europe only 6 or 7 months ago.

Surely it is not valid to argue that Milan have become devoid of talent in such a short period of time. Furthermore the press chose to run with headlines about the misdemeanours of some drunken reptile in a bid to detract from an awe inspiring Celtic performance.

Of course the Hoops had to win after Rangers impressive 3-0 demolition of Lyon on Tuesday(no no, credit where it is due!!!)

However how a team can play one of the best teams in Europe of the pitch away, yet fail to win over inferior opposition at home is beyond me. It was with delight that I learned that the Huns had been beaten at home by Hibs( and fair play to them, that's both Old Firm scalps they have claimed this season so far).

In light of this the Hoops duly dispatched of Gretna, albeit just about, to reclaim their rightful position at apex of the SPL. There's been alot of talk about how things are looking up for Scottish football in general recently.

I say bollocks to that shit, the future is looking up for only one half of Glasgow: The Green half!!!!!!!!!!!

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