Allez-vous faire foutre

That's the message that the Irish "Vote No" campaign should send to Jean Marie Le Pen.

Le Pen has said he is prepared to come to Ireland to oppose the referendum on the EU Reform Treaty.

Ireland is the only European country that will be giving its citizens the right to vote on this move towards a European Super State.

When I say the only country, France and Holland have already voted NO yet the Euro elite seem to have forgotten that little piece of democratic exercise by the French and Dutch.

I am opposed to the EU Reform Treaty however I am just as opposed, if not more so, to Le Pen and his motley crew of fascists and reprobates that make up the Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty grouping of the European Parliament.

This grouping includes the leader of Azione Sociale and former Playboy model Alessandra Mussolini. She is the grand-daughter of Fascist leader Benito Mussolini.

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP and National Chairperson Mary Lou McDonald has strongly rejected Le Pen’s offer to come to Ireland to support the No Vote.

"Sinn Féin is resolute that the politics of Le Pen, the National Front and the far right alliances of the European parliament should have no place in the Irish No Campaign."

“Sinn Féin will encourage and engage in a robust and mature debate during the campaign but we will not align ourselves with the politics and policies of the far right."

“Le Pen and his ilk will only serve to damage the Vote No campaign by tainting it with their racist and inequitable agenda. The left in Ireland’s vision for Europe is a world apart from what Le Pen and his people advocate. We want nothing to do with him or his political groupings.”

The Vote No campaign will give voters the cold hard facts in this debate, that debate will however be a mature and honest affair.

Le Pen and his ilk have no place in that debate, their presence is neither wanted or needed.

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