"Ulster Scots" nonsense has to stop

This Ulster Scots/ bad English in a Ballymena accent nonsense really has to stop. It seems Culture Minister Edwin Poots is confident that the £12m Ulster Scots Academy will proceed.

£12 million on a 'language' that doesn't exist????????

Now I would love to know why £12 million of taxpayers money is going toward a fictitious language, a 'language' that was only thought up as a way of counteracting the Irish language, when the money could be better spent helping those in disadvantaged Unionist areas like the Shankhill or Tigers bay.

It's not a language, it's nothing more than the invention of some very sad and culturally insecure Unionists. They tried to make up a language and a culture when in fact they have a long history in the Irish tradition.

At the 1892 Ulster Convention the banner read "Éire go brách" not "Daft weeins".

During 50 years of Unionist misrule there wasn't a single mention of this bullshit 'language', it only came to light around the time of the GFA.

When Pauline Armitage calls this Ulster Scots nonsense embarrassing then you know its ridiculous!

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