They couldn't agree on the colour of shite

I have been very amused with this talk of a Unionist election pact, nothing unites Unionists like trying to stop those uppity fenians.

It seems that the DUP and UUP are intent on trying to take South Belfast from the Stoops and Fermanagh and South Tyrone from us.

In Fermanagh and South Tyrone the combined Nationalist and Republican vote is over 50%. At the last assembly election we had over a 10% lead on the DUP and almost 17% on the UUP.

So even if we face either Arlene Foster or Tom Elliot we, along with the large stoop vote which will go to us in opposition to this Unionist move, will still take the seat.

If the DUP or UUP think they canl take this seat then they are living in cloud cook coo land.

South Belfast is anyone's guess but this is one of the only areas where the Stoop vote rose, added into the mix the large Alliance vote and it could go anywhere.

This is all predicated on the assumption that the Unionist parties reach agreement, its more likely that hell will freeze over before then.

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