Rock on Rockall

It seems that little piece of (Irish) rock in the North Atlantic is yet again in the news. Rockall is thought to be sitting on billions of pounds of oil and natural gas.

Under a new United Nations treaty, states will be allowed to claim a greater share of the ocean floor if they can show a direct link with their own land mass and if they apply before the 2009 closing date.

Talks between Ireland, Iceland, Britain and the Faroe Islands will begin in Reykjavik on Wednesday.

However it seems the Brits are planning on submitting their own application, despite the contested nature of Rockall.

Unfortunately for them the UN body does not make decisions in cases where ownership of area is strongly disputed by neighbouring countries.

"oh the empire is finished, no foreign lands to seize
So the greedy eyes of England are looking towards the seas
Two hundred miles from Donegal, there's a place that's called Rockall
And the groping hands of Whitehall are grabbing at its walls "

Rock on Rockall

NB UPDATE: Talks between the four countries break down as Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern promises to secure rights on Rockall.

“Let me make it clear that the Irish negotiating team intend ultimately succeeding in vindicating our nation’s rights,”

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