Fianna Fáil set to become Irish Republicans......maybe

I see that the party of cute hoorism, brown envelopes and corruption have decided that they want to be Republicans. I am of course speaking about the move by Fianna Fail to organise in the 6 counties.

The first question that any self respecting Irish Republican would ask is why has it taken them 81 years to learn that Ireland doesn't stop at Ravensdale?

Fianna Fail have always called themselves the "Republican party" but as Conor Murphy has said their Republicanism stopped at the border.

Any Northern Nationalist or Republican that would consider voting for this shower of gombeen men should ask themselves what Fianna Fail have ever done for them or their family.

When their glorious founder/ the devil himself turned dissident and left Sinn Féin to form this break away group what did he do for the North?

They abandoned Nationalists to 50 years of sectarian and economic oppression. They left Northerners to the B Specials and the RUC. They left them to second class citizenship inside a sectarian shit hole.

This is the same Fianna Fail that sat back and did nothing while Unionist mobs burned Catholics out of Belfast and Derry. They sat back and watched the largest number of forced refugees since the Second World War.

This is the same Fianna Fail that denied Irish people in the North the right to vote for the President of Ireland, the same Fianna Fail which denied our Northern reps a chance to speak in the Dáil.

I welcome the fact that Sinn Féin have republicanised the political agenda so much that they have been forced to make this decision.

What I am not however is scared of Fianna Fail. There is a lot of nonsense wrote about Fianna Fail slapping us and defeating us in the recent Southern election.

The only party that defeated Sinn Féin in that election was Sinn Féin. It was our mistakes that cost us votes and seats, it had nothing to do with Fianna Fail, that's just a cop out.

The people who lose out by Fianna Fail coming northwards is the stoops and I couldn't be happier at such a prospect. There is only so much enjoyment that one can get from beating stoops time and time again in elections.

The prospect of putting Fianna Fail in their place is great so I say, bring it on! This move can only be good for the all-Ireland agenda so I am thrilled.

That said let's stop this nonsense about Fianna Fail destroying Sinn Féin, the Brits tried it and failed and so will the gombeen men of Fianna Fail.

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