Bertie damaged despite win

Bertie Ahern may have won the vote of confidence in the Dáil last night but it has still damaged him no matter what he says. It is the first time in 13 years that a vote of confidence has taken place.

He survived the vote by 81 votes for to 76 votes against. 8 Fianna Fáil TD's were absent and Ned O'Keefe was AWOL from the government benches.

With Bertie already admitting that he will not contest the next general election it's only a matter of time before an "et tu brute" event occurs.

This vote of no confidence is just the start of his power ebbing away and going to the heir apparent, Brian "Biffo" Cowan.

Despite the fact that the recent opinion poll shows that 60% don't believe his evidence to the Mahon tribunal Ahern still has the cheek to claim that the country still trusts him.

Despite the fact that the Green's voted with Bertie it was noticeable from their reaction that all was not easy in the government camp.

John Gormley told the Dáil he would await the tribunal report and Green Party TD's were prominent in not applauding the Taoiseach’s speech during the debate.

Yesterday witnessed the beginning of the end for Bertie Ahern.

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