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I must say that I have looked on with much amusement and a large degree of incredulity at the "evidence" that Bertie Ahern has presented at the Mahon tribunal.

This is the man that when he was Minister for Finance would have us believe that he didn't have a bank account, lol. The mind baffles!!

Ahern has admitted that he did receive money, on several occasions, but said on being interviewed that:

"What I got personally in my life, to be frank with you is none of your business. If I got something from somebody as a present or something like that I can use it."

This contrasts greatly to what he said in 1996 while in opposition

"The public are entitled to have an absolute guarantee of the financial probity and integrity of their elected representatives, their officials and above all of Ministers. They need to know that they are under financial obligations to nobody."

(Dáil Éireann transcript, December 1996)

His recent, what can only be described as, contempt for the Mahon tribunal comes as the latest opinion poll shows that less than 1/3 believe that he has been telling the truth. I listened to his responses to the inquiry and they can only be described as babbling bullshit.

I firmly believe that Bertie Ahern has told lies to the inquiry, you couldn't believe his oath!

After all, this is the man that said "I've looked up every tree in north Dublin." when speaking of his investigations into Ray Burke's corruption. Not very thorough, was he?

The new Dáil term should be amusing to say the least however Joe Higgins said it best

"Ah Jaysus lads, you'll have me in huge trouble if you don't take back the €50,000. My circumstances are improved and I'll have 50 reporters traipsing after me for the rest of my life if this comes out. PS Tell Paddy the plasterer to steer clear of Callely's house. He is in enough trouble with the painter already.'"

-Joe Higgins composes a mock letter in the Dáil on behalf of Bertie Ahern

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