"Ulster Scots" nonsense has to stop

This Ulster Scots/ bad English in a Ballymena accent nonsense really has to stop. It seems Culture Minister Edwin Poots is confident that the £12m Ulster Scots Academy will proceed.

£12 million on a 'language' that doesn't exist????????

Now I would love to know why £12 million of taxpayers money is going toward a fictitious language, a 'language' that was only thought up as a way of counteracting the Irish language, when the money could be better spent helping those in disadvantaged Unionist areas like the Shankhill or Tigers bay.

It's not a language, it's nothing more than the invention of some very sad and culturally insecure Unionists. They tried to make up a language and a culture when in fact they have a long history in the Irish tradition.

At the 1892 Ulster Convention the banner read "Éire go brách" not "Daft weeins".

During 50 years of Unionist misrule there wasn't a single mention of this bullshit 'language', it only came to light around the time of the GFA.

When Pauline Armitage calls this Ulster Scots nonsense embarrassing then you know its ridiculous!


Bertie damaged despite win

Bertie Ahern may have won the vote of confidence in the Dáil last night but it has still damaged him no matter what he says. It is the first time in 13 years that a vote of confidence has taken place.

He survived the vote by 81 votes for to 76 votes against. 8 Fianna Fáil TD's were absent and Ned O'Keefe was AWOL from the government benches.

With Bertie already admitting that he will not contest the next general election it's only a matter of time before an "et tu brute" event occurs.

This vote of no confidence is just the start of his power ebbing away and going to the heir apparent, Brian "Biffo" Cowan.

Despite the fact that the recent opinion poll shows that 60% don't believe his evidence to the Mahon tribunal Ahern still has the cheek to claim that the country still trusts him.

Despite the fact that the Green's voted with Bertie it was noticeable from their reaction that all was not easy in the government camp.

John Gormley told the Dáil he would await the tribunal report and Green Party TD's were prominent in not applauding the Taoiseach’s speech during the debate.

Yesterday witnessed the beginning of the end for Bertie Ahern.

Scumbags will not deter us

I see that Unionist death squads have made threats against Sinn Féin members and other Republicans.

A package was sent to UTV containing live ammunition and the names of six people. Among those named in the threat were Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams' press aide as well as the editor of the Andersonstown News.

Sinn Féin MLA Paul Maskey said the threats were from the Red Hand Defenders,

"Following the attack on my colleague Michelle Gildernew's office in Lisnaskea last week, this news is sinister, disturbing and not in isolation.

I urge unionist politicians to show mature leadership, condemn these threats and use whatever influence they have to stop these actions."

These degenerates will stop us from continuing to represent our people and advancing the Republican struggle.


Manners matter most

That's according to a recent survey commissioned by Debrett`s. 63% of women cited manners as the most important factor in their choice of a male partner.

The poll also found that 29% were wooed by intelligence and only 5% plumped for good looks (as Jim Royle would say, "My arse!!").

87% rejected the notion that "having good manners is old-fashioned".

I am a personally very wary when people speak about good manners because quite often I suspect they don't understand what they really mean.

I would consider myself to have good manners, I was raised the old fashioned way. I will always get up off my seat on a bus or tube for an elderly person or a woman. I always open doors etc and I never let a woman pay, I blame my mother myself lol.

What I do not follow however is what I would call "middle England manners". Those hypocritical niceties that are observed in front of people yet as soon as behind closed doors they say all manner of horrible things.

I'm a firm believer in being straight with people (no matter if they like it or not) and I expect the same in return.

It wasn't until I went to England that I realised just how blunt I was, although perhaps they are just overly sensitive. They girls would always say, "we'll ask Chris, he tells the truth no matter how brutal it is".

I have never had any time for people who ask you for your opinion when in fact they are just looking you to tell them their opinion.

Fake manners serve nobody, I'll take the truth any day over fake niceties.

Many who would not take the last cookie would take the last lifeboat.
~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960


Junior Gombeen men have much to learn

I had to laugh when I read that a member of Ógra Fianna Fail claimed that they were "considerably outstripping" Sinn Féin at Magee's freshers' fair.

BBC described Emmet Doyle from Derry as an "activist", he couldn't be active in Derry as Fianna Fail are still a partitionist party and don't stand in Derry.

According to Doyle they signed up 41 members on the day. Now many of you may be impressed by that figure as most Cumann's are 20 members in size.

What many of you may fail to understand though is the unique circumstances of a University freshers' fair.

As the former Chair of the QUB Sinn Féin Sheena Campbell Cumann I have attended my fair share of freshers' days. What happens is that while a large number sign up less than 1 in 10 will ever become active members.

I can remember two years ago the DUP boasting in QUB about signing up 25o members, they never had anywhere close to that number as active members.

Had we ever only signed up 41 members on freshers' day I would have viewed that as a bad day, a very bad day.

I intend to wait a few months before I contact comrades in Magee to see just how many of those 41 are still there and active, my guess is something closer to 4

They couldn't agree on the colour of shite

I have been very amused with this talk of a Unionist election pact, nothing unites Unionists like trying to stop those uppity fenians.

It seems that the DUP and UUP are intent on trying to take South Belfast from the Stoops and Fermanagh and South Tyrone from us.

In Fermanagh and South Tyrone the combined Nationalist and Republican vote is over 50%. At the last assembly election we had over a 10% lead on the DUP and almost 17% on the UUP.

So even if we face either Arlene Foster or Tom Elliot we, along with the large stoop vote which will go to us in opposition to this Unionist move, will still take the seat.

If the DUP or UUP think they canl take this seat then they are living in cloud cook coo land.

South Belfast is anyone's guess but this is one of the only areas where the Stoop vote rose, added into the mix the large Alliance vote and it could go anywhere.

This is all predicated on the assumption that the Unionist parties reach agreement, its more likely that hell will freeze over before then.


Fianna Fáil set to become Irish Republicans......maybe

I see that the party of cute hoorism, brown envelopes and corruption have decided that they want to be Republicans. I am of course speaking about the move by Fianna Fail to organise in the 6 counties.

The first question that any self respecting Irish Republican would ask is why has it taken them 81 years to learn that Ireland doesn't stop at Ravensdale?

Fianna Fail have always called themselves the "Republican party" but as Conor Murphy has said their Republicanism stopped at the border.

Any Northern Nationalist or Republican that would consider voting for this shower of gombeen men should ask themselves what Fianna Fail have ever done for them or their family.

When their glorious founder/ the devil himself turned dissident and left Sinn Féin to form this break away group what did he do for the North?

They abandoned Nationalists to 50 years of sectarian and economic oppression. They left Northerners to the B Specials and the RUC. They left them to second class citizenship inside a sectarian shit hole.

This is the same Fianna Fail that sat back and did nothing while Unionist mobs burned Catholics out of Belfast and Derry. They sat back and watched the largest number of forced refugees since the Second World War.

This is the same Fianna Fail that denied Irish people in the North the right to vote for the President of Ireland, the same Fianna Fail which denied our Northern reps a chance to speak in the Dáil.

I welcome the fact that Sinn Féin have republicanised the political agenda so much that they have been forced to make this decision.

What I am not however is scared of Fianna Fail. There is a lot of nonsense wrote about Fianna Fail slapping us and defeating us in the recent Southern election.

The only party that defeated Sinn Féin in that election was Sinn Féin. It was our mistakes that cost us votes and seats, it had nothing to do with Fianna Fail, that's just a cop out.

The people who lose out by Fianna Fail coming northwards is the stoops and I couldn't be happier at such a prospect. There is only so much enjoyment that one can get from beating stoops time and time again in elections.

The prospect of putting Fianna Fail in their place is great so I say, bring it on! This move can only be good for the all-Ireland agenda so I am thrilled.

That said let's stop this nonsense about Fianna Fail destroying Sinn Féin, the Brits tried it and failed and so will the gombeen men of Fianna Fail.

Rock on Rockall

It seems that little piece of (Irish) rock in the North Atlantic is yet again in the news. Rockall is thought to be sitting on billions of pounds of oil and natural gas.

Under a new United Nations treaty, states will be allowed to claim a greater share of the ocean floor if they can show a direct link with their own land mass and if they apply before the 2009 closing date.

Talks between Ireland, Iceland, Britain and the Faroe Islands will begin in Reykjavik on Wednesday.

However it seems the Brits are planning on submitting their own application, despite the contested nature of Rockall.

Unfortunately for them the UN body does not make decisions in cases where ownership of area is strongly disputed by neighbouring countries.

"oh the empire is finished, no foreign lands to seize
So the greedy eyes of England are looking towards the seas
Two hundred miles from Donegal, there's a place that's called Rockall
And the groping hands of Whitehall are grabbing at its walls "

Rock on Rockall

NB UPDATE: Talks between the four countries break down as Foreign Affairs Minister Dermot Ahern promises to secure rights on Rockall.

“Let me make it clear that the Irish negotiating team intend ultimately succeeding in vindicating our nation’s rights,”

BBBerties bbbbabling bbbbullshit

I must say that I have looked on with much amusement and a large degree of incredulity at the "evidence" that Bertie Ahern has presented at the Mahon tribunal.

This is the man that when he was Minister for Finance would have us believe that he didn't have a bank account, lol. The mind baffles!!

Ahern has admitted that he did receive money, on several occasions, but said on being interviewed that:

"What I got personally in my life, to be frank with you is none of your business. If I got something from somebody as a present or something like that I can use it."

This contrasts greatly to what he said in 1996 while in opposition

"The public are entitled to have an absolute guarantee of the financial probity and integrity of their elected representatives, their officials and above all of Ministers. They need to know that they are under financial obligations to nobody."

(Dáil Éireann transcript, December 1996)

His recent, what can only be described as, contempt for the Mahon tribunal comes as the latest opinion poll shows that less than 1/3 believe that he has been telling the truth. I listened to his responses to the inquiry and they can only be described as babbling bullshit.

I firmly believe that Bertie Ahern has told lies to the inquiry, you couldn't believe his oath!

After all, this is the man that said "I've looked up every tree in north Dublin." when speaking of his investigations into Ray Burke's corruption. Not very thorough, was he?

The new Dáil term should be amusing to say the least however Joe Higgins said it best

"Ah Jaysus lads, you'll have me in huge trouble if you don't take back the €50,000. My circumstances are improved and I'll have 50 reporters traipsing after me for the rest of my life if this comes out. PS Tell Paddy the plasterer to steer clear of Callely's house. He is in enough trouble with the painter already.'"

-Joe Higgins composes a mock letter in the Dáil on behalf of Bertie Ahern


Time to return

I realise that my contributions to Balrog have been less of late. I have been more involved in party work since I came back from England and so my blogging time has been reduced.

Added to that the fact that I work, occassionaly socialise and a recent family loss and it goes someway to explaining my absence.

I will however be returning to blogging on Monday, see you all then.