Turban ban is nonsense

I see that the Gardaí have said they will not make allowances for a Sikh man who wishes to join the force. He has been told that he has to wear a standard issue hat, something which is in direct violation of his religious observance.

Now lets cut the bullshit from the very start, this has nothing to do with Uniform regulations. This is about the establishment taking a shot across the bow at the growing Muslim population.

This unfortunate man has been caught in the crossfire as the men upstairs demand any new immigrants integrate with Irish society.

The turban is not like the burqa, it's not an optional part of their faith; it is a necessary part of their faith. The Gardaí are impinging upon the civil and religious liberties of this man who wishes to do his part and serve the whole community.

To say that this move is short-sighted would be stating the obvious, it's a disgraceful act of religious intolerance on the part of an Garda Siochana.

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