The stickie has left the building

No, it's not Eoghan Harris, its a more sinister breed of stickie!

I was delighted to see that Stickius Maximus, AKA Pat Rabbitte, has resigned as leader of the Irish labour party. As a Socialist Republican who seeks the establishment of a broad left wing alternative consensus I have always viewed him with distain.

He is nothing more than a partitionist Fine Gael lickspittle who has damaged the cause of left wing politics in this country.

He threw Fine Gael, a party so right wing it makes the DUP look positively communist, a lifeline at the last election which produced not one single positive outcome for his party or the left in this country.

I have often heard labour party members describe their party as the party of Connolly, I hope not as James Connolly would be spinning in his grave at how far to the centre they have travelled.

I have a few friends in the Irish labour party and they are good solid people however the reason why I would never encourage family or friends to give them a second preference is because they have been very, very suspect on the National question.

His possible replacements don't give me much hope either.

It appears that Eamon Gilmore and Brendan Howlin are the frontrunners for the job of chief boot licker to Fine Gael, it seems the stickie rot is set to continue.

As a not-in-anyway impartial observer I would prefer a solid left wing person in the form of Tommy Broughan however the bookies have him dragging up the rear.

As I have never met a poor bookie it seems my hope for a broad left wing consensus will continue to remain as elusive as ever.

NB: Brendan Howlin was never a stick, just your average anti-Republican, power hungry champagne socialist.

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