Hypocrisy, Orange Order style!

I must say that I found today's pronouncement from the bigoted Orange Order highly amusing. Apparently the Orange Order will question Sinn Féin's commitment to democracy.

Grand Lodge Grand Secretary Drew Nelson said "There can be no equivocation, either you are a full democrat or you are not. They are not yet fully committed to the democratic system,"

Sinn Féin have a mandate from the voters, the Orange Order has no mandate and is in no position to question anyone's commitment to democracy.

They have been quick to slip into violence once they don't get their way. The money that it costs to police their hate-fests is evidence of the contempt that many members of the Orange Order have towards democracy.

Let's not forget that their "right to march" cost the lives of the three Quinn boys. We had years of the annual Drumcree violence and the mass violence in Belfast a few years ago.

Their members have refused to condemn the violence and they have long held connections with Unionist death squads.

Republicans will not be taking advice or lectures from the likes of the Orange Order.

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