Were you really surprised?

Was anyone really surprised by the news that the PPS will not be pursuing prosecutions against the state killers of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane?

I understand why many were angry by the decision but what does surprise me is that anyone would be surprised that the PPS would do this.

After the report into collusion in North Belfast, a report that came to light because of the brave actions of Raymond McCord, they announced that no prosecutions would take place there either.

Indeed it seems to be PPS policy not to prosecute state killers of innocent civilians.

Despite the review of Criminal Justice that was carried out following the GFA there has been no significant change in the modus operandi of the prosecution service in the six counties.

Yes, they have removed the pictures of the British Crown from certain courts, they changed the name to the PPS and they have a few more Castle Catholics at law events in QUB but the body itself has not been subject to any real change.

They remain as a patsy for Whitehall and the British establishment.

Due to this odious position they will stifle any prosectuion(s) that would reveal the butchery of the British Crown Forces involvement in Ireland.

Pat Finucanes son Michael, who followed his fathers footsteps into the legal profession, said the decision was "extremely disappointing and in some cases very, very perplexing".

"I think the DPP has taken a very soft and very submissive approach to the manner in which prosecutions would be mounted,"

I feel for the family as their search for the truth, not even justice, has been thwarted yet again by an arm of the British state. First it was the new Inquiries Act, now this!

For that is all the PPS is, an arm of a repressive British state that will do all in its power to cover up that states past involvement in state murder.

That is why I and not one other member of my law class in Queen's who came from the Nationalist/Republican community (80% of the class) even considered joining them.

The sooner Criminal and Justice powers are devolved to local politicians the better.

The PPS could do with a political "night of the long knives" as many of the top brass are either complicit in a cover-up or totally incompetent.

Neither scenario fills me with much confidence that justice will be done and seen to be done.

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